About Carins 2023 International Symposium

The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) hosts our technical conference EECON annually. This year EECON 2022 will be hosted at Brisbane’s Royal International Convention Centre, Bowen Hills as an in person event on 11th  – 12th of October 2022.

EECON 2022 will be a two day conference to bring together industry guest speakers, technical experts and fascinating exhibitions, which will complement the networking opportunities. There will be pre – conference tour options on the 10th of October, a conference puzzle challenge and a skill tester machine.


Even in the time since Brisbane hosted the highly regarded EECON 2018, the pace of change in the electricity industry has only accelerated. EECON 2022 offers delegates from across Australia and elsewhere the opportunity to gather and together solve the many challenges with which we are faced, be they technical, economic, commercial, regulatory, political, or stakeholder. Held approximately annually, EECON brings together delegates from utilities, project proponents, customers, regulators, academia, and consulting. The EECON 2022 organising committee looks forward to welcoming you to our event, which will focus on:

  • The future Australian and global energy landscape.
  • People, technology and systems unlocking net zero.
  • The impact of new generation and of retiring generation.
  • Customer-centric developments in the electricity industry.
  • The future of utility assets and asset management.
  • The relationship between policy, regulatory and economic settings and the evolving grid.


  • Industry leaders and entrepreneurs will join us – be part of the exciting energy sector developments that are shared at EECON 2022

  • Explore developments that are underway and where the industry is heading

  • Understand how customers will benefit from the future energy technologies

  • Influence the thinking and direction through your contribution as a speaker

  • Participate in the open forum and question sessions throughout the conference

  • Opportunity to engage with the products/services of sponsors & exhibitors

EESA hosts regular technical events on topics encompassing the full spectrum of the electric energy industry. If you join EESA you will save 8% on your EECON registration and unlock exclusive member access to our library of recorded technical events.